“Mojo” Explained

There’s been some misunderstanding about the definition of “mojo” over the years. Some people have believed “mojo” refers to the male sex organ, but it is actually a small sack of spells.

The spiritual tradition of Hoodoo, is the merger of American Folk practises with African magic spell work. These beliefs and practises are several hundred years old on the American continent. The word “mojo” most likely derives from the West African word, mojuba, meaning a prayer of praise.

A mojo hand is a concealed flannel bag containing a mix of organic and non-organic items which are blessed to work in cooperation with one another as a magical spell.

Jim Morrison’s “Mr Mojo Risin” is a lyric that is believed to have come from his experience listening to the famous Muddy Water’s song, “Got my mojo Workin”. It has been explained by some that Morrison is simply just referring to himself in the song.


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